Tips On How To Get A Garden You Can Be Proud Of

You shouldn't rush the process of creating a beautiful garden. The design stages should definitely be given some thought, considering there are some very sensitive plants out there. But it'll definitely be worth the effort put in.
The basic necessity of air for plants is often forgotten when looking at what plants need. After all, the atmosphere contains a lot of air so we needn't worry about it, right? Wrong! In addition to plants breathing through their foliage they must also be able to breath through their roots, so the soil surrounding the roots shouldn't be waterlogged otherwise the roots won't be able to take in the oxygen from the ground, so they will die. Making sure the soil doesn't get compacted is a good way of avoiding this situation. So in other words you shouldn't walk or dig it up if it is wet. The soil will contain more oxygen if it's looser. Adding dense clay soil and other various organic matters can help to maintain a decent level of oxygen underground. Also, planting your plants too close together isn't a good thing, especially if certain diseases like mildew can be caught by them and you should also ensure the drainage in your garden is sufficient. Picking annuals is a wonderful idea due to the simple fact that they grow from a small seed into a full plant in just one year as their life cycle lasts one year, and they can provide you with some stunning flowers. Even though they are only around for one year, they're very impressive plants due to the fact that they've been bred to create many wonderful leaves and bright lovely flowers. Since they reproduce via seeds, which means flowers must come first, annuals tend to flower early. An additional advantage with annuals is that you can collect the seeds to replant the exact same ones again, or you can simply buy some new kinds to add to the different types in your garden. Year on year new types of annuals are introduced, with some of them preferring cooler weather and others preferring warmer weather. The only limit you have when you come to annuals is your imagination.

Container Gardening: If you don't have a garden or even too much space, that doesn't mean that you can't grow anything. The types of herbs and vegetables are endless, when you consider growing in planters. The most important thing when it comes to container gardening is to make sure that you water your plants regularly, since potted plants are known to dry out very quickly. When planting, considerations for every plant should be taken into account. For instance, lavender, thyme and sage all like dirt that is usually not suitable for other plants. You must be careful not to over water to prevent rot. So, to make sure you are taking care of your container garden properly, place your containers somewhere where you will see them easily and won't forget about taking care of them. If you are interested in growing herbs, a kitchen window box may be just the thing for growing anything from basil to oregano and more. Your garden should bring you loads of pleasure. Actually, it should be good for your health, just keep things simple and enjoy.

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